Michael Tchao and Apple Free People Check 

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How Apple executives recruit new hires - Business Insider

"The next day, it was a round of meetings, starting with Phil, and the rest of his staff. It was Phil, Joz, Brian Croll, who was in charge of MacOS at the time, Dave Moody, who ran Macintosh, Michael Tchao, who was in charge of iPad, Ron Okamoto, who did developer revelations, so it was pretty much the full ...

Creating the Ultimate Tablet PC

30.09.2009 So Apple is going to re-invent the Newton to create the ultimate tablet with the return of Michael Tchao? That's the big rumor... I hope so. None of the current devices really cut it for serious to use the rock band Tubes song title: ...

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Meet the people inside Apple leading the charge on Google and Android.

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Apple's Product Marketing VP chats to T3 exclusively, about iTunes and the best apps for 2012.