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It is very Important to Educate People of Darfur about the Mission ...
[Sudan Vision] - I think the Sudanese government has sovereign right in its territory. I don't expect the Sudanese government to ask us to leave. So the decision of leaving concerns UN, AU and Sudanese government. By Mohamed Abdallah, 15 hours 3 minutes ago.

Darfur Under the Umbrella of Doha
[Sudan Vision] and most importantly the international and regional support to the agreement to ensure that Darfur returns to previous era to enjoy peace and security and development. By Mohamed Abdallah, 13 hours 36 minutes ago Omer Al Bashir and Debby.

The Real Beginning of the Implementation of Doha Agreement
[Sudan Vision] - Mohamed Abdallah Wadabuok, Darfuri leader, sees the necessity for the joining of Darfur armed movements the peace process to achieve stability in the region, and the need for freeing all detainees of the sons of the region to avert further seditions at

Mit den »Black Stars« im Dschungelcamp
[ballesterer] - Sudans Coach Mohamed Abdallah zeigt bei der Abschlusspressekonferenz keine Ehrfurcht vor Sambia: »Jetzt, wo wir ins Viertelfinale gekommen sind, werden wir nicht aufgeben. Wir wollen weiterkommen.« Wenn das Gastgeberland Gabun abenteuerlich ist
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