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Na Nach Nachman Punks -
I kind of love this video, but I'm not sure how I feel about it morally. It's the Moshiach Oi! guys (your favorite Hasidic punk-rock band and mine) ...

Going to Uman under age seven « YWN Coffee Room
what's the meaning behind the line "na nach nachman nachman me'uman?" It just spells out the simple phrase that Nachman was from Uman. Who cares where ...

Picture of the Day -
The slogan on the magasine carrying the Rebbe's picture says Na Nach Nachman MeUman. Surprising that you have not seen such before.

Kippah-Wearing Student Told to Prove Religion
He was not wearing a "Kippah srugah" as the article stated but a very large hat (if you are familiar with the nach nach nachman kippot, this was even larger.) He was actually stopped because the school (and not the principal) ...
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