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Nigel Griggs (born 18 August 1949) is a musician who played bass guitar in Split Enz.wikipedia. 58 Related Articles [filter] Paul Griggs. 100% (1/1) He is the brother of Paul Griggs from the 1970s vocal group Guys 'n' Dolls.

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'Giant Heartbeat' was written with bassist Nigel Griggs, so it's hard to know who contributed what. But that spooky and spindly guitar riff that ...

The Nigel Griggs appreciation thread | Frenz Forum
I am just loving the bass in

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Nigel Griggs. A AlphonseThe Climber. G'day, all & sundry Frenz -. Be sure to celebrate the 18th of August in style as it is Nigel's birthday and - if The Nigel Griggs appreciation thread 27 Feb Betchadupa, Nigel Griggs & Paul Hetser 15 Jun Nigel Griggs Spoken Word 8 Jun Nigel Griggs Sleeper CD 16 Sep More results from
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