Peng Liyuan and President Free People Check 

( I'm Peng Liyuan)
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The Most Important Power Change This Week Is Happening In China
05.11.2012 [Business Insider] - ... many of the candidates' wives than about their own views: for example, Xi Jinping, the presumed next president, is married to a 49-year-old celebrity singer called Peng Liyuan who often appears on China's spring festival television gala, while

China's Michelle Obama? First Lady Peng Liyuan inspires fashion...
As President Xi Jinping and his wife tour Africa, China’s fashion world is scrutinizing Peng Liyuan's wardrobe - and Chinese stock markets are keeping a close...

Qui est Peng Liyuan, la Première dame chinoise ? - Elle
Peng Liyuan et le Président chinois sont invités dès ce mardi par la France. Jugée élégante et talentueuse, Peng Liyuan fait l’unanimité auprès des Ch...