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Catalog of Photographs from San Juan
View of Caribe Hilton Hotel pool in San Juan. Penny Sneed discusses ‘Hyperthermia Advances and Frustrations’ (RC01) C. Song responds to questions after plenary

Perfexion UCSF Acquires Advanced Gamma Knife | Neuroscience Fall...
The Gamma Knife has been the gold standard in brain radiosurgery for the last 15 years, says UCSF radiation oncologist Penny Sneed, M.D. "It allows for incredibly

Penny Sneed
Penny Sneed discusses ‘Hyperthermia Advances and Frustrations’ (RC01). Return to Report

Fighting cancer, fighting the system - Los Angeles Times
My sister Debbie was in pretty good spirits, considering that we were headed to the hospital for her third brain surgery in a year.
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