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2011.12.19 Please support Stan 'Pete' Jacobs in his bid to beat X-Factor to this year's Xmas No.1:

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2011.12.19 Please support Stan 'Pete' Jacobs in his bid to beat X-Factor to this year's Xmas No.1:

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2011.12.19 Please support Stan 'Pete' Jacobs in his bid to beat X-Factor to this year's Xmas No.1:

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2011.12.18 Pete Jacobs | Men’s Elite Triathlete of the Year (Foreign)

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2011.12.13 #PM Pete: Jacobs Receives Contract from Aldar for Abu Dhabi Retail Development: Under the terms of the contract,...

Google Groups: WOO: Gumout Racing Series to compete in Pete Jacobs Memorial at ...

16.05.2000: Pete Jacobs is Wayne County Speedway's founder. Pete is the father of Kenneth Jacobs, who started his racing career at Wayne County Speedway. ...

Photo of of the day: Pete Jacobs hanging with the CAF at Alcatraz
06.03.2013 - — Authority 107 2012 Ironman World Champion Pete Jacobs went for a run today with some of the extraordinary athletes of the Challenged

Watch Champ Pete Jacobs emotional speech at the 2012 Ironman World …
22.10.2012 - Pete Jacobs won his first Ironman World Championship title in Kona, Hawaii battling not only the other pro men […] ? Now you can hear it from the winner himself in this video as Pete Jacobs gets his trophy bowl at the 2012 Ironman World

Ironman Champion Pete Jacobs Bike Profile
22.10.2012 - — Authority 137 Check out 2012 Ironman Champion Pete Jacobs’s Boardman Air/TT/9.8 SRAM RED Pete Jacobs Boardman Air/TT/9.8 SRAM

Google Groups: FW: BPM-Sport - It is time to train with Pete Jacobs!!

16.05.2011: Just passing this on from BPM sport in Singapore if anyone wants to join their training sessions with Pete Jacobs. They forgot one thing that a few Tokyo ...

Pete Jacobs, Leanda Cave Win 2012 Ironman World Championship
15.10.2012 - Australias Pete Jacobs improved his 2nd place finish in 2011 by one critical place at the Ironman World Championships […] oldest finisher at 82-years-old. ( all results ) Top five professional men: 1. Pete Jacobs AUS  8

Leanda Cave and Pete Jacobs are Ironman World Champions
15.10.2012 - finisher. Australia’s Pete Jacobs crossed the line first.  After practically dancing through the streets of Kona for the last […] Cave and Pete Jacobs, along with all the competitors and finishers. A job well done. Now all the racers can chill out in

Ironman Hawaii 2013: Route, Date, Start Time and TV Info
01.06.2013 - years event is the return of Ironman world champion Pete Jacobs. Jacobs suffered an injury earlier in the year and he says

Google Groups: WOO: Gumout Racing Series Notes 2000-05-20

24.05.2000: Not agreeing with the tracks' new rules, Pete Jacobs decided to build his own racetrack that would hold no motor rules. His dreams became reality, ...

2012 Ironman World Championship Airs October 27
29.10.2012 - . See how newly crowned champions Pete Jacobs and Leanda Cave battled the conditions and the fierce competition to win this

Wartime Radio Review returns to Clubhouse 3 Friday
16.09.2012 - .m. – Pete Jacobs and his Wartime Radio Review. Travel to the World War II era and enjoy popular hits of the 1930s and 40s,...

Google Groups: Banks, Cash, Shopping etc

09.08.2004: Pete Jacobs uk people disability smicker wrote: On Mon, 09 Aug 2004 00:24:16 +0100, Pete Jacobs wrote: Not entirely ...

Gear Review: Timex Global Trainer with GPS (Part 2)
22.10.2012 - Last time we chatted about the Timex Global Trainer (TGT) was way before Kona and Pete Jacobs taking the pro men

2013 SRAM Triathlon roster: Stronger than Ever!
27.02.2013 - World Champion, Pete Jacobs (AUS), the current Ironman World Champion and Mirinda Carfrae (AUS), the 2010 Ironman World

Olympians star in Cairns triathlon
09.06.2013 - champion Pete Jacobs took fourth.        

Google Groups: these days Alvin will arrive the pool, and if Edwin quickly ...

08.12.2001: Pete Jacobs ... news admin net-abuse email -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- There, it kills a yogi too easy alongside her sticky ...

Win A Vitamix Blender Worth $995 And Join The Healthy Revolution
08.06.2013 - Purcell, Kemi Nevkapil, Ironman Pete Jacobs and Vogue’s Sigourney Cantelo. They sent me a Vitamix on loan to play around with

The Triathlete’s Advantage Video – Jacobs, Macca, Rinny!
22.10.2012 - — Authority 137 well as newly crowned champion Pete Jacobs. We asked them to give us insight on what they like, what they need, and why it

Aussie Aussie Aussie, RED RED RED!
22.10.2012 - — Authority 137 Pete Jacobs Wins Kona ©Eric Wynn We’ve come to know him as “Gentleman” Pete at SRAM, and the perfectly polite and

Google Groups: Sound Modules - Can't find

09.08.2002: Pete Jacobs comp os linux alpha Someone mentioned that in an earilier post, but I noticed the the chip on the card is a ...

Kona Pics 2012
13.10.2012 - First off the bike.  Marino Van Hoenacker Fastest bike.  Sebastian Kienle Fastest marathon.  Pete Jacobs First […] .  Fastest marathon split (m/f) 6.  Fastest bike split (m/f) 7.  Top American across the line (m/f) The mens race: Top 5: 1.Pete […] Jacobs 2.Chris McCormack 3.Craig Alexander 4.Marino Vanhoenacker 5.Andreas Raelert First out of the water.  Andy Potts

Ironman Hawaii: Raelert-Brothers to Start Together
15.10.2012 - Marino Vanhoenacker from Belgium, Pete Jacobs (Australia), Eneko Llanos (Spain), the US-Americans Tim ODonnell, Greg Bennett

Google Groups: Legal Opinion required

09.08.2004: Pete Jacobs uk legal smicker wrote: On Tue, 03 Aug 2004 22:43:52 +0100, Pete Jacobs wrote: Do you support the ...

Google Groups: Musicians -- what are the secrets to playing dance gigs?

28.08.1999: Pete Jacobs and his Wartime Radio Revue Would You Like To Dance Whitestone 1 949 559-0894 This is an example of a real dance band ...

Google Groups: Swing at Carnation

28.02.1999: For those not into the Swing dance scene, Pete Jacobs and Wartime have a ... Pete Jacobs and Wartime are returning to Carnation for a second week next week. ...

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