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Yuga Theory (Mahabharat and "fall" of Star Abhijit), Prasad Gokhale, 3/30/94 10:54 AM. NOTES ON MAHABHARAT -------------------. [ From : The Summaries of papers read in "The Seminar on the. Mahabharat War", May 30-31, 1992. ] The Fall of Star Vega (Abhijit) ------------------------------- (by Dr. P.V Vartak). (Truth of 12,000 ...

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20.07.1994: Prasad Gokhale alt culture us asian-indian In article

Google Groups: nine planets plus Rahu and Ketu

26.02.1998: ... SCIENTIFIC DATING OF THE MAHABHARAT WAR 16th October 5561 BCE by

Google Groups: For SS - Info On Discovery of City From Hindu Mahabharata

04.11.1996: "Mahabharat:A Myth Or Reality" by Prasad Gokhale lists 21 possible proofs that