Yasni Exposé Products and Pricing
(Last updated: 31.05.2014)
  All Users Exposé
3 months
12 months
Search by names and keywords
Simple Monitoring with updates by e-mail (once per week)
Show as person for searches by names and keywords  
Presence in Google , Bing and other search engines  
Monitoring & info e-mail for your name (once per week)  
Keyword filter for increased precision of your monitoring  
Flexible info e-mail for name monitoring (daily - monthly)  
Find people/names based on location, profession, company, etc. as monitoring and info e-mail (daily - monthly)  
Select 2 typical top keywords to promote yourself – free choice from all keywords associated with your Exposé  
Prominent placement as "Top Person" for searches with keywords matching your Exposé (especially top keywords)  
Personal slogan – promote your services instantly  
Presence on Yasni frontpage – with photo and slogan  
Monthly fee
7.99 USD
5.99 USD
All prices include 19% VAT.
For companies, sales representatives, HR professionals, journalists and others with special need of online people research tools:
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