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Alameda Unified School District Completes Restoration and › news › › alameda-unified-...
The retrofit and restoration, which was overseen and managed by AUSD Senior Director of Construction Robbie Lyng and his staff, designed ...

Business Services - Alameda Unified School › business
Ext Director, Maintenance, Operations and Facilities. . Robbie Lyng. Ext Senior Director, Construction Services.

Alameda Unified School District
"Our top priority is student safety," says Robbie Lyng, director of AUSD's Maintenance, Operations, and Facilities Department. "As such, ...

Jan 18, Minutes
Robert Shemwell, Madeline Gabel, Rob Van Her , Robbie Lyng, Shariq Khan, Linda Ta aga i. Call to Order/Roll Call. The meeting was called to ...
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