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Muslim rage is not about Islam
03.10.2012 [Daily Pioneer] - In January 2011, Mumtaz Qadri would also be celebrated as a national hero for killing Salman Taseer, the powerful Pakistani Governor of Punjab would had dared to opposed his country's draconian blasphemy laws. The lessons to be learnt from the past and

Salman Taseer | Pakistani politician |
Salman Taseer: Salman Taseer, Pakistani political figure (born May 31, 1944, Simla, Punjab, British India [now Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India]—died Jan. 4, 2011 ...

Salman Taseer Killing- A Postmortem - Ground Report
The killing of 66 years old Pakistan’s Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, on January 4, 2011, in Islamabad, by his bodyguard has sparked off a huge