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Schools Look for Help From AI Teacher's Assistants - WSJ
Aug 6, — Sandra Okita, the program director of the Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design Program at Columbia's Teachers College, ... › articles › schools-look-for-help-fro...

Events : Taguspark - Técnico Lisboa
On January 31st, between 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm, will take place the seminar “Learning with Sociable Robots and Artifacts”, with Professor Sandra Okita. › events › page

Art Assembly – The Mercury News
Khilnani, painting; Sandra Okita, mixed media; James Ong, ...

Learning with Sociable Artifacts that Make Us More Human | UC...
What happens when when learners develop peer-learning relationships with virtual humans and humanoid robots? And how can we design robots or digital avatars to...
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