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Google News: Petition supports Sarah Palin America's Heartland speech at GOP Convention

18.08.2012 [RenewAmerica] - Are they in dread that Sarah Palin will wow the convention and America by drawing from her deep well of passionate and fervent feelings for America's families suffering in the heartland? Does the Romney campaign feel somehow skittish that she will make

Paul Ryan represents political dark age
18.08.2012 [San Francisco Chronicle] - Paul Ryan, is the reverse of Sarah Palin. She was all right-wing flash without much substance. He's all right-wing substance without much flash. Ryan is not a firebrand. He's not smarmy. He doesn't ooze contempt for opponents or ridicule those who

McCain: Palin would have 'added a lot' to 2012 presidential race
17.08.2012 [Deseret News] - WEST VALLEY CITY — John McCain's running mate in his 2008 presidential bid, Sarah Palin, "would have added a lot to the race" had she been a candidate for the White House this election, the senator said Thursday. "How she would have done, I can't say

Why Isn't Paul Ryan Getting the Sarah Palin Treatment?
17.08.2012 [Huffington Post (blog)] - What do new GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan and former GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin have in common? They're both the parents of young, school-aged children. Ryan's children -- ages 7, 8 and 9 -- are in that childhood sweet spot. They're just old enough

"Sarah Palin" to strip at GOP convention
17.08.2012 [Sun-Sentinel] - I've been sitting on this little nugget of news for some time, waiting for the right moment to exploit it. Now that Sarah Palin has been conspicuously non-invited to the Republican coronation, that moment has arrived. The world's most famous hockey mom

Google News: Cherie's £75m private health empire based in a tax haven... which she's ...

17.08.2012 [Daily Mail] - Which might explain why she and former doctor Miss Lese, 44, who donated to Right-winger Sarah Palin's bid to get into the White House and worked with Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, have registered the company in the tax haven of the

A Libertarian House on the Prairie
17.08.2012 [New Yorker (blog)] - Shortly after John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, four years ago, a journalist asked her sister Heather Bruce what books Sarah had read as a child. Only one came to mind: Laura Ingalls Wilder's “Little House on the Prairie,” the third in

Google News: Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin – An Unfair Comparison

17.08.2012 [UK Progressive Magazine] - The charm of Sarah Palin as a veep pick is, she set the bar incredibly low for her successors. As long as a nominee can name a newspaper and their foreign policy experience isn't living next to a foreign country, the press can dub them better than

Exorcising Palin: the Paul Ryan Pick
16.08.2012 [TIME] - The ghost is Sarah Palin, who haunted Mitt Romney's search for a running mate from the beginning. The one thing Romney's team knew they could not do was pick someone who'd be branded a lightweight like Palin. In choosing Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan

Memo to McCain-Palin: Does Biden employ a hooded Muslim Sister?
16.08.2012 [] - We ask, because for some reason both former Alaska Governor and current Fox News Contributor, Sarah Palin and Senator John McCain recently felt compelled to contribute free, public advice to President Obama and Democratic Party convention delegates

Carney affirms Obama-Biden ticket, knocks McCain-Palin criticism
16.08.2012 [Fox News] - After Sarah Palin and then Sen. John McCain said bumping Biden from the ticket might be a good idea following a recent high-profile gaffe, Carney knocked the suggestion at Thursday's briefing. "While I appreciate, I have great admiration for and

"Sarah Palin" to strip at GOP convention
16.08.2012 [Sun-Sentinel] - Few people outside of political circles have ever heard of a Republican strategist named Mike Murphy, but he is known for one quotation that will immortalize him in the pantheon of punditry: “If Sarah Palin looked like Golda Meir, would we even be

Google News: 'The Daily Show': Jon Stewart Skewers Sarah Palin

16.08.2012 [Truthdig] - Jon Stewart poked fun at one of his favorite targets on “The Daily Show” on Wednesday night. Stewart ripped into Sarah Palin for saying that she couldn't think of any prominent Republicans who talk the way liberals do. “Does the lake behind you have

Deconstructing Paul Ryan's Wardrobe
16.08.2012 [Huffington Post (blog)] - Four years ago Sarah Palin's fashion played a prominent role in the campaign; Republicans can rest assured that Ryan will play it closer to the vest (pardon, Rick Santorum). So what can pundits pull out from Ryan's first few days as a fashion icon

Google News: Paul Ryan is No Sarah Palin, a Vice Presidential Candidate With Economic Heft

16.08.2012 [The Market Oracle] - From Joe Biden to Sarah Palin to John Edwards, none of them were ever known for their grasp of economic policy. But Paul Ryan is different. His selection as vice presidential nominee last weekend has significant implications for the economy if the

old Uncle Joe
16.08.2012 [Martinsburg Journal (blog)] - But Sarah Palin is not the No. 2, Joe Biden is. No one would have thought back in 2008 that Joe Biden would turn out to be as crazy as he is. "They're going to put y'all back in chains." Really Mr. Biden...really?? There are certain connotations that

Palin: Biden 'drags down' Obama, should be replaced on ticket with Hillary
15.08.2012 [Fox News (blog)] - Sarah Palin blasted Vice President Biden over his claim to a Virginia audience Tuesday that Republicans would "put y'all back in chains," saying her former 2008 rival "drags down" the Obama ticket and should be replaced by Hillary Clinton. Palin

Palin: Media suppressing Obama truths
15.08.2012 [Washington Post (blog)] - Name me an instance in which Sarah Palin hopped on Fox News for a segmenty chat and refrained from issuing a lazy and tired indictment of the media. Her consistency continued on Tuesday night's “On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren.” The host

Google News: Sarah Palin: The Conservative Embarrassment

15.08.2012 [] - Sarah Palin is the GOP's great white embarrassment from America's great white north. After she pretty much ruined John McCain's political career (while boosting her family's skeezy reality T.V. career), she isn't welcomed to campaign for the new

Neil Macdonald: Romney's running mate, definitely no Sarah Palin
15.08.2012 [] - In 2008, John McCain chose Sarah Palin, the telegenic, Christian conservative intellectual lightweight whose unblinking vacuity made her the object of fascination worldwide. She immediately eclipsed McCain, to an extent that even a majority of

Google News: Opinion: Palin Says Ryan Is Good Because California Is Bad

15.08.2012 [NBC San Diego (blog)] - DAYTON, OH - AUGUST 29: U.S. Senator and Republican presidential candidate John McCain (R-AZ) stands with new vice presidential candidate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin August 29, 2008 in Dayton, Ohio. McCain made the Palin announcement one

Paul Ryan is the anti-Palin
15.08.2012 [Baltimore Sun] - Mitt Romney's chosen running mate, Paul Ryan, is the reverse of Sarah Palin. She was all right-wing flash without much substance. He's all right-wing substance without much flash. Mr. Ryan is not a firebrand. He's not smarmy. He doesn't ooze contempt

Palin to Obama: Dump Biden, Get Hillary
15.08.2012 [] - In what might seem an ironic piece of advice considering the source, Sarah Palin says President Barack Obama should dump Vice President Joe Biden and put Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the Democratic ticket because Biden's tendency to make

Paul Ryan Thrown Under Romney Bus, Joining Sarah Palin
14.08.2012 [Huffington Post] - As I said last time, Mitt Romney, in trying to avoid picking a Sarah Palin as his running mate, has done exactly that with Paul Ryan. Like Palin did for John McCain, Ryan represents a transparent plea for credibility with the Republican base. And while

Sarah Palin's Absence From Convention May Expose Rift
14.08.2012 [Huffington Post] - If one of Mitt Romney's goals in choosing a running mate was to mine the same mother lode of conservative excitement that John McCain tapped by picking Sarah Palin four years ago, there's one additional dilemma for Romney to address: Palin is still

Google News: Sarah Palin "Wholeheartedly" Supported Husband Todd's Role on 'Stars Earn ...

14.08.2012 [The Review] - Todd Palin talked to PARADE about his involvement in the new series, and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin opened up about supporting her husband as he steps into the spotlight. Stars Earn Stripes premieres tonight on NBC at 8 p.m. ET. What was the

Paul Ryan is no Sarah Palin
13.08.2012 [Washington Post (blog)] - I've been trying to think of something new to say about Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), the presumptive Republican vice presidential nominee. Before he was tapped by Mitt Romney, I deemed him a risky pick as a running mate. And I've said that Ryan is already

Zach Galifianakis: 'Sarah Palin partly inspired The Campaign'
13.08.2012 [Digital Spy] - "I think the most prevalent example is the Sarah Palin aspect where - and I don't blame Sarah Palin, I blame it on the human ego - when somebody chooses you to do something, you start believing." The actor added: "If I got hand-picked to do something

Google News: Sarah Palin Informs Us that She's Not Speaking at the GOP Convention, Just in ...

13.08.2012 [Jezebel] - Sarah Palin Informs Us that She’s Not Speaking at the GOP Convention, After being denied a second date with destiny, a tango with tracking data, an electric slide with the electorate, Sarah Palin, the Axl Rose of the GOP, will not speak the the

Sarah Palin Won't Speak At Republican Convention
13.08.2012 [RTT News] - (RTTNews) - Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee but a polarizing figure to many Americans, will not speak at this month's Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. Palin revealed the news in a statement

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