Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan Free People Check 

( I'm Sarah Palin)
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Sarah Palin Congratulated Mitt Romney On Paul Ryan And Then Launched Into ...
12.08.2012 [Business Insider] - Sarah Palin, the last Republican vice presidential candidate in 2008, congratulated Mitt Romney on his choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate on Saturday. "We must now look to this new team, the Romney/Ryan ticket, to provide an alternate vision of an

Paul Ryan – the anti-Palin
13.08.2012 [Christian Science Monitor] - Paul Ryan is almost as bold a choice as Sarah Palin for the Republican vice presidential pick. With Palin, the question was whether she read books. With Ryan, the question is which (he's a fan of über capitalist author Ayn Rand). Ryan's political

John McCain: Paul Ryan 'Bold' VP Choice Like Sarah Palin - Business...
Former Republican presidential nominee and Sen. John McCain said Sunday that Paul Ryan is "also a bold choice" for Mitt Romney, much like Sarah Palin was for his