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Guardian: The mystery of the missing craters on Ceres | Astronomy | The Guardian

Astronomers have puzzled over the lack of large craters on our nearest dwarf planet. Has a computer simulation helped reveal their fate?

Early Earth could have been habitable › News in Science (ABC Science)
Isolated pockets of liquid water may have existed on the infant Earth even while it was being smashed by giant asteroids that boiled the oceans and created...

Learn more about Dr Simone Marchi | (e) Science News
of unclear origin. A team led by Dr. Simone Marchi, a Fellow of the NASA Lunar Science ... due to volcanism," said lead author Dr. Simone Marchi, who has a ...

Erdgeschichte: Als ein Asteroidenhagel die Meere verdampfen ließ -...
Vor vier Milliarden Jahren hagelten gigantische Asteroiden auf die Erde. Sie könnten alles Leben ausgelöscht haben und gestalteten den Planeten neu. Forscher...
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