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Bert Lance, banker and Carter budget director - The ...
Aug 16, · Thomas Bertram Lance was born June 3, Reference sources differ on whether he was born in Gainesville, Ga., or Young Harris, Ga. He grew up …

Bert Lance, Carter Adviser, Dies at The New York Times
Thomas Bertram Lance was born June 3, 1931, in Gainesville, Ga. His father, Thomas Jackson Lance, was president of Young Harris College, ...

Thomas Bertram Reid
Brock Bertram Highlights & Interview @ The Timberwolves Shootout, Crown Heights Affair - I Don't Want To Change You , NGV Extra: Bertram MacKennal: the...

Thomas Bertram ( ) - Durham at War
From Durham miner to Company Sergeant Major in the Canadian Army. Discover more about this person on the Durham at War website.
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