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A prolific and influential composer of the Classical era also competent on piano and violin. Not affiliated with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Duh.

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116088249, Male, Age: 31, Cuamba, Country: Mozambique, Hobby: Action, Movies, Comedy, Fantasy, Para-Normal, Classic, Dance, Heavy, Metal, Pop, Rock, Techno, Trance, Ice, Hockey, Sky, Diving, Snow, boarding, Soccer, Italy, Juventus, Russian, Swahili, Gujarati

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414964548, Male, Age: 34, Vrchlabi, Country: Czech Rep., Hobby: trance, house, F1, Williams, Parties, mobile, phones, symbian, Czech, English

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368114739, Age: 21, Salcburk, Country: Austria, German

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Six children, although only two survived infancy: Karl Thomas Mozart and Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart. Education In his earliest years, Wolfgang was taught by ...

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I write BA music end of story!

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645286309, Female, Age: 68, Country: Andorra

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