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Google News: Bringing Medicaid into the Debate

[Canada Free Press] - Author. - Heritage Foundation--Amy Payne Tuesday, August 21, (0) Comments | Print friendly | Email Us. Medicare is an emotionally charged program because it provides health insurance coverage for the elderly. But Medicaid covers America's poor

'Saving Detroit' is no Obama success story
[The Times and Democrat] - Amy Payne and the conservative Heritage Foundation are pointing out the failure of the Obama-backed bailout of Detroit, even as the losses continue mounting. Payne reports that new Treasury estimates show the auto bailout will cost more than previously

Editorial: Seeing through the Medicare spin
[Dallas Morning News (subscription)] - Amy Payne: Facing the Medicare debate head-on · William Galston: Demogoguing Ryan is bad for Dems · Editorial: Romney's pick of Ryan defines the electoral debate · William McKenzie: GOP base now owns the ticket · Official Barack Obama campaign site

Google News: Facing the Medicare Debate Head-On

[Canada Free Press] - Author. - Heritage Foundation--Amy Payne Monday, August 13, (0) Comments | Print friendly | Email Us. Quick quiz: Who said this about Medicare? “With an aging population and rising health care costs, we are spending too fast to sustain the program.
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