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Google News: Clinton gives roadmap for imminent graduates

[Washburn Review] - By Rob Burkett In fact the message espoused by former President Bill Clinton at the fifth annual Clinton Global Initiative University summit event was one of empowerment and independence. Coming from a president who during his time in office was a

Are you comfortable with multi-tier discounts? | BVWire News
The expert panel—Mark Zyla, Linda Trugman, Rob Burkett, and Bob Duffy—generally agreed that they each applied multi-tiered discounts when and where appropriate. Duffy, for instance, analyzes the various entity tiers to ...

Union Agency, Inc. Welcomes Rob Burkett in Lincoln, NE • Strictly...
Union Agency, Inc. recently welcomed Rob Burkett as a Property & Casualty Producer. With over seven years of industry experience, Burkett ...

Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario: NewsTemplateAndCalendar
NewsTemplateAndCalendar - Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario
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