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Steve Jobs goes online at computer museum
[TechEye] - The exhibit kicks off with a tale of how Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs were using a Blue Box – a device that let them make phone calls from telephone boxes for free. There's also some rare footage of Jobs making pronouncements on the present and the

Expat technology: Wozniak goes Android
[ (blog)] - Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently used Twitter to drop a huge hint that he was thinking of getting Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the android phone running Google's Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, so what did Google just happen to give him when he

Guardian: A Facebook smartphone? Why?

[The Guardian] - Sign up here; Steve Wozniak got his a few days ago, my turn will surely come soon. What HTC thinks of its erstwhile beautiful friendship with Google isn't known, neither is Samsung's view of being last year's model now that Google owns Motorola.

Top five Android apps of the week
[Life of Android (blog)] - As the smartphone patent war continues to drag on, it emerged that Google has applied for a screen lock patent which is pretty similar to the one already owned by Apple. Speaking of Apple, its co-founder Steve Wozniak paid visit to Google's Mountain
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