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Google News: PR leaders: Tunku Aziz is a BN agent

[The Malaysian Insider] - Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai described Tunku Aziz's actions as representing BN, saying the latter was now an agent of the ruling coalition for his attacks against DAP and PR leaders. “He is now like a BN agent, attacking PR and DAP every day. I pity him for


[臺灣新浪網] 京劇武功與身段,讓參與者體驗中華戲劇藝術之美。 論壇部分則針對「廿一世紀戲劇與跨領域創作」及「亞洲戲劇教育探討的高峰論壇」等議題,由澳洲著名劇場導演Aubrey Mellor OAM及汶萊劇場導演Low Kok Wai擔任主持人,與在場所有與會者進行意見交流和分享。

Groups want Dong Zong to call off Sept 26 rally

[New Straits Times] - DAP vice-chairman Tan Kok Wai, who had led more than 1,000 DAP members at another Dong Zong rally in Kajang on March 25 had on Monday said the party supported the planned rally at Parliament House. Tweet. Related Articles. 'Dong Zong leaders

'Dong Zong leaders abusing power'

[New Straits Times] - On a related development, DAP national vice-chairman Tan Kok Wai said the party supported the Dong Zong-initiated rally as they were "fighting for a genuine cause". "It will be a peaceful gathering... so, we will be giving our fullest cooperation
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