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Twitter Profile: Abdus Salam (abdussa42338072)

Location: Chennai, India / Associat Professor, The Quaide Milleth College for Men, Chennai. Interested in Corporate Governance, wish to contact people from corporate sector.

10th Annual Abdus Salam Science Fair - March 25th, 2018 ...

10th Annual Abdus Salam Science Fair - March 25th, 2018. Professor Abdus Salam, the first Muslim scientist who won a Nobel Prize, shared the 1979 Nobel Prize for physics with two American scientists, Sheldon Glashow and Steven Weinberg for their independent development of a theory unifying the electromagnetic and ...

Professor Abdus Salam | Islam Ahmadiyya

1926-1996 First Muslim and the only Pakistani Nobel Laureate. Profile of Dr. Abdus Salam; An interview with Dr. Abdus Salam (New Scientist 26 August, 1976); Abdus Salam — Past and Present (The News, 29 Jan. 1996)