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[在线报导| DW.DE] - 但是剑桥大学研究事伊斯兰世界与西方之间关系问题的专家阿迪尔·汗(Adeel Khan)则持不同看法。他认为穆斯林应该以遵守宗教传统的最佳榜样为楷模,放弃暴力。他说: "先知穆罕默德自己就练习对他一生的死敌进行宽恕。他

Rushdie controversy resurfaces amid film protest
[Deutsche Welle] - Whereas some blame Western policy for the outbreak of violence, Adeel Khan, an expert on Islamic anthropology at Cambridge, said that Muslims needed to "stick to the best examples of their religious traditions," instead of resorting to violence

Adeel Khan – The Denver › author › adeel-khan
Apr 20, · Standing idly by is not an option for Denver's new superintendent. He or she must seize the opportunity to lead with anti-racist policy and ...

Adeel guides Peshawar to win in Disabled T20
RAWALPINDI - Opener Adeel Khan helped Peshawar thrashed Abbottabad by 53 runs in the 6th National Disabled T20 Cricket Championship inaugural match...
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