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Change Corps a post-grad option for campaign organizers – The...
Change Corps a post-grad option for campaign organizers. By ADITI CHANDNA. Posted on October 21, in Features. Courtesy of Change Corp. Yasmeen Silva ’15 hit the ground running af­ter she graduated last year. This Thursday, she was already back on campus as a recruiter for a new organization called Change Corps, a year-long training …

April 20, – The Miscellany News
By ADITI CHANDNA – 4 years ago. Environmental studies major Sarah King ’16 creates a quilt mapping vulnerable spaces on campus for her thesis. She enlisted the help of VC++ to create an app to track student… Harbisson uses technology, vibrations to explore senses.

Martinez explores changing Caribbean cultural identity – The...
“Professor Martinez San Miguel is one of those rare scholars of broad thematic, geographical, linguistic and multi-disciplinary range whose books always force...
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