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Who needs bodyguards when you're Ahmed Dogan. - 9GAG
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Google Groups: BTA inf/ Feb. 19, 96

19.02.1996: "The rally shows the strength of the MRF electorate, but it is also a warning to the incumbents and to our enemies," said Ahmed Dogan, ending his speech ...

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Ahmed Demir Dogan (Bulgarian: Ахмед Демир Доган; born 29 March 1954) is a Bulgarian politician of Turkish descent. He was chairman of the Movement for ...

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Ahmed Dogan Demir (Pchelarovo, Bulgaria , 29 de marzo de 1954) es un político búlgaro y actual presidente del Movimiento por los Derechos y Libertades (DPS).

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Ahmed Demir Dogan (em búlgaro: Ахмед Демир Доган , em turco: Ahmed Demir Doğan) (Pchelarovo , 29 de março de 1954) é um político búlgaro

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Bulgaria puts price on Turkey's EU membership - -...
Ahmed Dogan wrote: Bulgarians are mostly Slavs and the Bulgars were not Ottoman turks :) so you might want to educate yourself or you will continue living in your

Google Groups: محاولة اغتيال التركي احمد دو غان Ahmed Dogan

20.01.2013: zmn1 zmn1 ... kaizengroup *محاولة اغتيال التركي احمد دوغان* * Ahmed

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Ahmed Doğan kimdir?
Ahmed Doğan Ahmed Demir Doğan , felsefeci, siyasetci, Hak ve Özgürlükler Hareketi başkanı ... Siyaset tr forumu 'Ahmed Doğan' konusu.

Ahmed Dogan | 2012: What's the 'real' truth?
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Google Groups: 50% unemployment in Bulgarian Muslims

24.12.2001: Ahmed Dogan, leader of the Movement for Rights and Liberties (MRL), the Turkish minority party represented in government since July, called on the European ...

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Google Groups: Dogan

04.11.2006: ... bulgarian-oligarchy Ahmed Doğan From Wikipedia, ...

Google Groups: محاولة اغتيال التركي احمد دو غان Ahmed Dogan

20.01.2013: fahad ... zmn1 PGh0bWw+DQo8aGVhZD4NCjxzdHlsZT48IS0tDQouaG1tZXNzYWdlIFA

Mugged by a gun while speech
11.07.2013 - Ahmed Dogan, chairman of the Party of Rights and Freedoms (MRF) managed to escape from death when two shots were released

Google Groups: BTA inf/ Feb. 19, 96

19.02.1996: "The rally shows the strength of the MRF electorate, but it is also a

Google Groups: [balkanhr] Bulgaria's Turk minority seeks formal recognition

09.02.2000: "In the context of the country's European integration, it is mandatory to accept that Bulgaria is a multi-ethnic state," Ahmed Dogan said late on Sunday ...

Bulgarian Politician Attacked In Public Speech
21.01.2013 - tried to fire in the head of Ahmed Dogan, 58, the leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms. The gun used by Oktai

Google Groups: Bulgaria: Interior Ministry Names Former Agents

22.10.1997: Among the parliamentarians named by Bonev is the leader of Bulgaria's ethnic Turkish party, Ahmed Dogan. Bonev accused him of working for the intelligence ...

Google Groups: Anti Macedonian propaganda

07.03.2003: As for their human rights,Ahmed Dogan the leader of the Turkish party in the Bulgarian parliament has been participating in politics even though the Turks ...

Bulgarian Politician Gets Gun Pointed At Face During Live Broadcast …
21.01.2013 - right in the politician’s face. Ahmed Dogan, leader of Bulgaria ’s ethnic Turks, was giving a televised speech in Sofia

Google Groups: Daily Brief - Text - Tue, Feb. 13, 2001

12.02.2001: -The leader of Bulgaria's minority Turk MDL party, Ahmed Dogan, said about the former king of Bulgaria who had decided to run for president. ...

Google Groups: Why Zionists did not kill Ahmed Dogan.

20.01.2013: Torileaks ... ukr politics Today in Bulgaria it was attacked the leader of

Google Groups: Forwarding from TRKNWS-L

01.01.1970: The MRF leader Ahmed Dogan, was in Razgrad for the festival and was cheered by adoring crowds. A dimunitive philosophy lecturer aged 38, he spent more than ...

Google Groups: BIP news - Sep 28

01.01.1970: ...If it were not for me, Yakorouda would become a second Bosnia, DPS leader Ahmed Dogan admitted recently. ...IMRO is ready to combat all anti-state action ...

Google Groups: Bulgaria: leader of ethnic Turks accuses premier of creating ethnic ...

21.10.1999: ... Prime Minister Ivan Kostov creates dangerous ethnic tension in the

Bulgarian defends decision to attack politician
22.01.2013 - Tuesday that his only regret is that his weapon didnt work. "I did not intend to kill Ahmed Dogan. I just

Google Groups: Divide and Bind - Transitions Online

26.05.2011: The philosopher and political prisoner Ahmed Dogan became, and remains, its leader. It was this party and this person who shaped the image of the ...

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