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Google Groups: UK troops handed over Iraqis for torture

: ... Judge in a three day case in the High Court starting on 5 November (R (on the application of Ali Zaki Mousa) and the Secretary of State for Defence). ...

Google Blogs: Human rights | The Law Gazette

by Nick.Goodman  Ali Zaki Mousa & Ors (claimants) v Secretary of State for Defence (defendant) & Legal Services Commission (interested party): DC (Sir Anthony May (President QB), Mr Justice Silber): 16 July The claimant (M) applied for permission ...

Google Blogs: Judicial Review of executive action - Mousa v MOD

by Iolis  Ali Zaki Mousa and Others v Ministry of Defence [2010] EWHC (Admin) "The Claimant, an Iraqi citizen, [alleges he] was arrested on 16 November by British soldiers. They beat him severely, slammed him against a wall and forced ...