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Healthy Aging: 4 Things You Should Do
[Huffington Post] - Health, Video, Alcohol Healthy Aging, Diet Healthy Aging, Exercise Healthy Aging, Healthy Aging Keys, Keys To Healthy Aging, Nutrition Healthy Aging, Smoking Healthy Aging, Healthy Living News. By Amanda Gardner. Everyone knows by now that eating

Bullying, abuse linked to suicidal thoughts in kids
[CNN] - By Amanda Gardner, updated 10:18 AM EDT, Tue October 23, Addressing other forms of violence, not just bullying, can help in suicide prevention efforts for young people, experts say. STORY HIGHLIGHTS. Several types of abuse are

Power Naps May Boost Right-Brain Activity
[Huffington Post] - Sleep, Video, Naps Brain, Naps Brain Activity, Naps Right Brain, Naps Right Brain Activity, Power Naps Brain, Power Naps Brain Activity, Healthy Living News. By Amanda Gardner. We've all been there: After struggling over a problem for hours, we rest

'Power naps' may boost right-brain activity
[CNN] - By Amanda Gardner, updated 3:13 PM EDT, Wed October 17, Our right brains may be performing "housecleaning" tasks during a nap, researchers say. STORY HIGHLIGHTS. Our right brains remain active during naps, researchers find; The
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