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Bank of America Uses Attack Dog to Smear NY AG Schneiderman
[Firedoglake] - I could barely suppress a laugh when reading about Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan begging Tim Geithner to settle the foreclosure fraud issue so they can get out from under their liability. As Yves Smith points out, if Tim Geithner had the power to

Running on Empty
[Wall Street Journal] - Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan attempting to comfort investors amid a massive stock plunge: "Everybody should rest assured that my entire net worth is in this company." See, don't worry. He's dumb with his own money, too.

Time to Bet on Bank of America
[Barron's] - CEO Brian Moynihan failed to convince investors on a conference call last week that the bank had turned things around. But with tons of bad news priced into the stock, a few quiescent quarters may be all it takes to lift the shares out of their funk.

Golden Years: A Very Different Standard
[Barron's] - BofA CEO Brian Moynihan sought to restore investor confidence in a special call. The Wall Street Journal also reported that bank officials met with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Fed officials, reportedly to discuss issues related to housing
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