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Bobbi Brown sits for Charlie Rose's "first interview about makeup"
[CBS News] - (CBS News) Makeup maven, Bobbi Brown started her company focused on one simple idea: women want more natural makeup. The company is now part of Estée Lauder but Brown retains creative control and she is now out with a new book of stories to

CBS This Morning Brings On Howard Dean, Spurring ...
[NewsBusters (blog)] - CHARLIE ROSE: Former Vermont governor Howard Dean knows about debates. He ran for president in 2004, later became Chairman of the Democratic Party. Governor, good morning. HOWARD DEAN: Good morning to you. ROSE: Let's talk about the same

Norah O'Donnell Thinks Obama Left 'Greatest Hits' on 'Cutting Room ...
[NewsBusters (blog)] - "There was no mention of Bain," she said on Wednesday night's Charlie Rose. "There was no mention of the auto industry saved. There was no mention of the wars ended, and in the discussion about ObamaCare, he didn't mention that that would turn back

Lewis Black talks Broadway debut and beltway politics
[CBS News] - Black spoke with "CBS This Morning" co-hosts, Gayle King, Charlie Rose, and Norah O'Donnell, on Thursday morning to talk about his show opening, the first presidential debate, and coming up as a comedian. Admittedly cranky due to an early wakeup call
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