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Market Morning: Agreement in Greece?
17.02.2012 [] - Germany's President Christian Wulff quit Friday in a scandal over favors he allegedly received before becoming head of state. Chancellor Angela Merkel said she will seek an agreement with Germany's main opposition parties -- the Social Democrats and

Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News
17.02.2012 [Seeking Alpha] - German President Christian Wulff announced his resignation today amid an ongoing home loan scandal, the second presidential resignation during Angela Merkel's time in office. The position of president is largely symbolic, but Wulff's resignation is a

Agenda internacional del sábado 18 de febrero
17.02.2012 [Terra Colombia] - BERLÍN - Reunión entre la canciller alemana, Angela Merkel, y los responsables de los partidos de la coalición de gobierno para comenzar la búsqueda de un candidato a la presidencia del país tras la dimisión de Christian Wulff.

Christian Wulff : dernières actualités et vidéos sur Le
Le parquet de Hanovre, qui enquête sur un scandale immobilier, a demandé jeudi soir au Bundestag de lever l'immunité de Christian Wulff. Merkel gère ce ...