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Driving tests get tougher

[Manawatu Standard] - South Canterbury road safety co-ordinator Daniel Naude says the new system reflects those in place in Australia and other OECD countries. "The benefits of 120 hours supervised driving have seen a significant reduction in crashes that involved young

Daniel Naude's Journey to the Human and Animal World | Time

Photographer Daniel Naudé has spent the last six years chasing wild dogs across his native South Africa in an effort to understand the ...

NZZ: Daniel Naudé: Animal Farm | NZZ

Wenn ein Fotograf sich für Afrikas Fauna interessiert, dann richtet er das Objektiv in der Regel auf Raubkatzen, Elefanten, Giraffen, farbenprächtige Vögel....

Guardian: Daniel Naudé's best photograph – a feral Africanis dog | Art and...

'I had to lay a trail of breadcrumbs to get this feral dog on to the rocks. People sometimes ask if he's stuffed'
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