David Blaine and Electrified Free People Check 

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David Blaine Preps for 'Electrified' by Getting Hit With Tesla Coil ...

05.10.2012 [Wired (blog)] - How does David Blaine prepare in the days before being encircled by 1 million volts of electricity, emitted by seven Tesla coils, for 72 hours? Only by getting hit in the back of the head by said electric surge of course. Wired U.K.. “So in the last

David Blaine Gets 'Electrified' By One Million Volts In Latest Stunt

06.10.2012 [Business Insider] - David Blaine, the American stuntman, climbed onto a podium in New York to begin his latest feat: standing in the middle of a one million-volt lightening storm. He's frozen himself in a giant block of ice, having to be chainsawed out and taken straight