David Petraeus and Romney Free People Check 

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10 fast facts about Gen. Petraeus

07.08.2012 [Politico] - David H. Petraeus, 101st Airborne Division Commander, and Governor Play Slideshow. By TIM MAK | 8/7/12 1:33 PM EDT. With rumblings that Gen. David Petraeus might be in the mix for Romney's running mate, here are POLITICO's Top 10 Petraeus facts: 1.

Drudge Is Floating David Petraeus As A Possible Mitt Romney VP Pick

07.08.2012 [Business Insider] - At the top of his website where millions of eyes will undoubtedly see, Matt Drudge is floating David Petraeus, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, as a possible vice presidential pick for Mitt Romney. Drudge is polling his readers on

Frank Rich on the National Circus: Harry Reid Is No Joe McCarthy

08.08.2012 [New York Magazine] - Drudge Report published an exclusive yesterday that President Obama said Romney wants to pick David Petraeus as his VP. Petraeus reiterated again his Sherman-esque pledge not to seek elective office. Do you think this was just Drudge blowing smoke?

Desmienten que Obama haya dicho que fórmula de Romney puede ser jefe de ...

07.08.2012 [Terra.com] - UU. y candidato demócrata a la reelección, Barack Obama, haya comentado que cree que su rival republicano, Mitt Romney, está pensando en el director de la CIA, el general David Petraeus, como compañero de fórmula para los comicios de noviembre.