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Da Band Aid ødela Etiopias image – Morgenbladet

Hvis du skulle si fem ord du assosierer med Etiopia, hvilke ville de vært?

Ethiopia, cradle of humanity | News24

Ethiopia is turning to its prehistoric finds for promoting tourism as a means of boosting its development.

WorldNews: ETHIOPIA: Archeology and paleontology to boost tourism...

Dr Theodros Atlabachew, the national coordinator of Ethiopia's cultural heritage preservation project at the tourism commission, conceded that ...

AFROMET - The Association for the Return of The Maqdala Ethiopian...

Theodros Atlabachew, who heads the project at the commission, told IRIN that the preservation effort must involve local communities by ensuring that they understand the value of conservation. Ethiopia at present has seven World Heritage Sites, classified as such by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO, which serve as ...
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