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isaac haines or other lancaster rifle patterns? - American Longrifles
im trying to find some good patterns for the isaac haines preferably, or atleast similar style lancaster type pennsylvania rifles.. the ones on track of the wolf dont even have top view or cross section views... does anyone know where i can find there?.. and i would most definitely prefer a PDF version of the ...

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02.12.1997: The long barreled rifle was manufactured by Isaac Haines of Lancaster, PA. It is

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08.03.2011 The lines of the piece are readily recognized to be that of a rifle from the Lancaster County area of Pennsylvania, and it feels much like the work of Isaac Haines. However, it is neither a copy of any one gun nor the work of any ...

1770 Lancaster County Isaac Haines longrifle | FishUSA Forums
As. Said above with .54 cal swamp barrel,double triggers.If I remembering right 42