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Jill Kelley the Kardashian of Military? |
▶Hold on, hold on... am I watching TMZ? Category: Specialties & Personnel, Military Personnel. More About ...

Jill Kelley News, Pictures, and Videos | …
17.12.2012 · Jill Kelley's emails played a key role in the scandal that took down ex-CIA director Gen. David Petraeus -- but the Florida socialite will NOT be spilling ...

General Allen E-Mails to Jill Kelley Either a Little Bit or Very Flirtatious
Currently the top NATO commander in Afghanistan, Allen's nomination to lead American troops in Europe has been put on hold while it is determined if his messages with 37-year-old Jill Kelley, the military's “unpaid social liaison” par excellence from Tampa, constitute “inappropriate communication,” or ...

Jill Kelley - Tag | PBS NewsHour
Jill Kelley. Full Episodes · Podcasts · Subscribe · Live · No image. Nov 13. Top U.S. Commander Investigated as Part of Petraeus Scandal. Support Provided By: Learn more ...

Jill Kelley publishes book on ex-CIA director David Petraeus' scandal
"Collateral Damage," a book by Jill Kelley is photographed in Washington, Tuesday, March 22, 2016. The book says former CIA Director David Petraeus confided in emails that he had committed "something terrible and dishonorable" by having an affair with his married biographer. He also explained that by ...

Jill Kelley -- I'm NO Kardashian Hater |
Jill Kelley -- one of the women in the Gen. David Petraeus scandal -- claims she's been WRONGLY accused of trashing the Kardashian family ... in fact,…

Who is Jill Kelley? 10 facts - POLITICO
More details about the woman reports say received harassing emails that led to the revelation Petraeus's affair.

Jill Kelley - Business Insider
The press finally IDs the woman of the hour.

Jill Kelley - Patents
The bibliographic references displayed about Jill Kelley's patent applications are for a recent sample of publicly published patent applications. ...

I Lost My Privacy. Let's Act to Protect Yours. - POLITICO Magazine
Opinion: Why we need to refresh the 1974 Privacy Act.

Jill Kelley brings spotlight to charity - POLITICO
She has been promoting her work for the homeless, specifically her Thanksgiving Day event.

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