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RT @SHAQ: I'm at universal city fla if u r here holla at me. It's hotta den a mug out here schwwww

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RT @nazihunteralan: @dannolan Hi Dan. My favourite thing is TV show Bergerac starring John Nettles. Regards, Alan.

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@dannolan Hi Dan. My favourite thing is TV show Bergerac starring John Nettles. Regards, Alan.

Twitter Posts: John Nettles (john_nettles)

RT @PastorMark: God is holy, without sin, perfect, & good. When we sin we’re not just breaking the laws of God, we’re breaking the heart of God.

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Getting blitzed with John Nettles. Going to Heswall in a minute to cause absolute mayhem to Stan Boardman's house.

Aw, This Is The Cutest Finn You’ll Ever See [Cosplay]
’s actually the son of photographer John Nettles of City Light Studios and he happens to be a huge fan of Adventure Time. Don

Bergerac is back: BBC remakes 1980s crime series but John Nettles unlikely …
It is more than 20 years since it was axed but the Corporation wants to bring it back but with a younger version of Jim Bergerac solving crime on Jersey.

Google Groups: Information about John Nettles

: Before that I used to look Bergerac, and now I´m interested in any information concerning the John Nettles. I tried to find information in the internet, ...

K9 Stole My Trousers
starring John Nettles and the smash hit childrens show, Into the Labyrinth ; Bob also script edited the popular crime series

Google Groups: William Nettles - Family

: Need information on parents, children, and where he came from before Barnwell. Thank you John Nettles VQWK 6.20I.

Google Groups: John Nettles

: Bring on the dancing girls, and John Nettles ... Pob hwyl, Rebecca -- "Ask a teenager while they still know it all."

Google Groups: John Nettles (British Actor) - any information?

: Art To Choke rec arts theatre plays If anyone has any information on John Nettles (best known as Jersey detective ...

Google Groups: John F. Brant Family

: ... SC Born around Wife was Hannah Cope (Koope ?) Son William Brant m. Sophire Bishop b Thank you John Nettles VQWK 6.20I.

Google Groups: John Nettles?

: Chiptastic uk media tv misc Question about John Nettles:: Okay, let me ask it another way so that the question is clear. Is he naturally bald? ...

Google Groups: John Nettles

: ... In article , Art To Choke writes Anyone have any information on John Nettles? ...

Google Groups: John Nettles

: Art To Choke alt fan british-actors Anyone have any information on John Nettles? Tiff.

Google Groups: FreeBSD State woes?

: "john nettles" ... mailing unix ipfilter On 16 Sep 2001, at 13:33, john nettles wrote: [...] I am familiar with Cisco PIX and IOS feature ...

Google Groups: John Broxson, Jr.

: In particularly information on Mary Broxson who married William Nettles in Colleton, SC b Thank you John Nettles VQWK 6.20I.

Google Groups: ot : - never seen in the same room : john nettles (midsomer ...

: stuart b uk media tv misc on tue, 16 jun :07:25 +0100, "for example: john smith" wrote: ...

Google Groups: ipnat causing network slowdown

: "john nettles" ... mailing unix ipfilter Found it! You didn't write the article, but it can be found here: ...

Google Groups: NETTLES; Toureen, Co Waterford, IRL; c

: Seeking further information on this line: John NETTLES "High Sheriff of Toureen, Co. Waterford" acc. to info on the Christian Family in "Burke's Landed ...

Google Groups: Harris Family in SC

: At the present time I have been unable to find anything out about them. Can you help me out ? Thank you John Nettles VQWK 6.20I.

Google Groups: John Nettles in Bergerac

: John Dexter uk media tv misc In article posted to at 12:28:12 on Wed, ...

Google Groups: Hometown News (Darwin Award Style)

: Richland County sheriff's spokesman Cpl. Chris Cowan said Thomas Bullins and John Nettles will not be charged in the 1 am shooting. ...

Google Groups: GUY HUNT

: It only took two parole commission members, John Nettles and Louie Grimes, to make this novel decision. For those who really believe democracy is alive and ...

Google Groups: BBC HOUN

: On the other hand, I'd have preferred Ian Hart to John Nettles in the Mortimer role. Personally, I'd have liked to shuffle the given cast around so that ...

Google Groups: The Lost Treasure of Atlantis.

: Robert de Vincy alt digitiser snakes Andrew Wren did write: Apparently John Nettles was there yesterday filming something or other. ...

Google Groups: Well worth a visit

: Didn't see that :( Was good... and it's been too long since I drooled over John Nettles! :) John Nettles and the pretty houses are the only reasons for ...

Google Groups: Jackson show boosts UK TV exports

: Popular exports However, programmes featuring the late John Thaw and actor John Nettles continue to be the most popular TV exports of the past five years. ...

Google Groups: JOHN TV

: ... birthday tv special bbc tv listings john f kennedy bergerac tv series john nettles bishop john hines sermons on tv 32 tv with freeview john lewis s ...

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