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People sign petition to dissolve City of Vicco
A small town in Perry County could be facing a tough fate, come November, after folks in Vicco petitioned to have it dissolved.

Stephen Colbert Takes On Gay Mayor Johnny Cummings In ‘People Who Are...
Stephen Colbert premiered the latest addition to his “People Who Are Destroying America” segments on last night’s The Colbert Report, and it has already been...

Ky. town may be smallest to ban anti-gay discrimination
VICCO, Ky. -- Mayor Johnny Cummings of Vicco, Ky., sees the move as part of an effort to revive the city of 334.

Vicco, Ky., stays in spotlight, endorses single payer - PNHP
Vicco gained further fame last August when Mayor Johnny Cummings and city commissioners were featured on "The Colbert Report" on cable ...
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