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After 80 years apart, Naples man reunites with brother
But 80 years and hundreds of miles have separated brothers Kenneth Corcoran and Naples resident Ed Muir. They reunited last month after a nine-year hunt.

Kenneth Corcoran And Ed Muir, Two Brothers Separated As Toddlers,...
8/18/2012 · Kenneth Corcoran and Ed Muir last saw each other in 1932, when the brothers were separated as toddlers. Now 80 years later, they've been reunited …

Two brothers find each other after 80 years apart - NY Daily News
Two brothers, Kenneth Corcoran, 82, and Ed Muir, 84, were reunited last month in Fargo, N.D., after being separated as toddlers.

Brothers, 82 and 84, reunited 80 years after they were separated at...
Kenneth Corcoran, 82, and Ed Muir, 84, have been reunited in Fargo, North Dakota. In 1932, Corcoran was sent to an orphanage with two siblings, while Muir and...