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13 men fined for selling pirated software at Sim Lim Square
[Straits Times] - By Khushwant Singh. Four shop-owners, an assistant store manager and eight salesmen nabbed in a raid of shops in Sim Lim Square two years ago were each fined between $800 and $37,700 by a district court on Tuesday. The 13 men, aged 23 to 42 years

How the middle class failed us
[Livemint] - Writer Khushwant Singh said Laxman was worth three editors. I will dismiss this saying it is a reflection on his editors rather than on Laxman. The greatness of Laxman is that his pedestrian offering is perfect for his audience. It helps keep them in

Man of nature and poetry
[Daily Star Online] - His first ever translated work was in Hindi for the paper Sarika, edited by Khushwant Singh, in His first novel is 'Neel Gharer Nati.' Thereafter, many short stories 'Mrityur Ghora,' 'Rakter Pratyasha' and 'Goghna' have appeared in Hindi, Urdu

Guardian: Looking back at Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses

[The Guardian] - But even as we were looking forward to putting out the novel, we received our first reality check in the form of some advice from the great Indian novelist and historian Khushwant Singh, who served as literary adviser to Penguin India. He said to me
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