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Obituary for Catrice Ranac Witzel, (Aged › ... › › Mar › 28 › Page 19
... Roger Patak's children, Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Kim Patak of Crete and Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Laurie (Patak) Sykes of Lincoln; grandparents, ...

IN THE CCSD? - Cornwall Central School › ourpages › auto
Kim Patak, Special Education Leave Replacement. COHES: Kimberly Dunkel ~ 3rd Grade Teacher. Charlene Maniscalchi ~ 4th Grade Teacher.

In-Depth Cooperation Between The Turenscape 土人设计 › news › detail
Kim Patak will manage FNI's diverse contributions and FNI staff will support their counterparts at SvR, Alta and AES. The team also has ...

LARK NEWS February Our Lark Members achievements! › news › lark2002
6. Happy birthday to our President George KG6GEM! KLUTZ AWARDS. Klutz Awards given to: Mikhail Popov KK6BQX and Kim Patak N6LVQ.
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