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Twitter Posts: Luiz Fellipe (FellipeOficiai)

2012.10.22 UCI accepts Armstrong sanctions: Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles after the ...

Wikiquote Quotes: Lance Armstrong

"Niemand motiviert mich so wie Jan" - über Jan Ullrich, nach der Tour de France 2003,

Wikiquote Quotes: Lance Armstrong

I want all of you to know that I intend to beat this disease. And further, I intend to ride again as a professional cyclist. - Announcing that he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer in a press conference (8 October 1996)

Wikiquote Quotes: Lance Armstrong

Io sto vincendo questo tour, ma se ci fosse Pantani lo vincerebbe lui. (citato in Tutto Pantani – Una vita in salita, a cura di Pier Bergonzi e Enzo Vicennati, La Presse group, Gazzetta dello Sport, Rai Trade, 2008)

Lance Armstrong's Seven Tour De France Titles Are Effectively Gone
24.08.2012 [NPR (blog)] - Cycling superstar and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong's seven Tour de France titles are about to be wiped from the record books. As NPR's Mike Pesca said early Friday on Morning Edition, while it is the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency that announced Thursday

El ciclista Lance Armstrong abandona la batalla por el caso de dopaje
24.08.2012 [CNN Mé] - (CNN) — El ciclista estadounidense Lance Armstrong dio por terminada este jueves su batalla para poner fin a la investigación que la Agencia Antidoping de Estados Unidos (USADA, por sus siglas en inglés) tiene en su contra. La decisión podría

Nike Supports Lance Armstrong After Doping Ruling
24.08.2012 [Wall Street Journal (blog)] - Former professional cyclist Lance Armstrong, who has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned from elite-level sports after he ended his fight against doping charges, got an early vouch of support from one of his best-known sponsors

Twitter Posts: Vintage & Rare (VintageAndRare)

2012.10.22 Latest rumour: Lance Armstrong will be opening a vintage guitar store. Apparently wants to start all over....

Wikiquote Quotes: Lance Armstrong

Peoble wants to know what i am on, what am i on ?. I am on my bike busting my ass 6 hours a day, what are you on. bg:Ланс Армстронг de:Lance Armstrong en:Lance Armstrong es:Lance Armstrong he:לאנס ארמסטרונג hu:Lance Armstrong it:Lance Armstrong pl:Lance Armstrong ru:Лэнс Армстронг sl:Lance Armstrong

What's Next for Lance Armstrong?
24.08.2012 [Wall Street Journal (blog)] - It is both hugely apt and a howling understatement to describe Lance Armstrong as epically motivated and single-mindedly competitive. There's no way he could've won seven Tour de France yellow jerseys, no way he could've started a budding sideline as a

Twitter Posts: Luiz Fellipe (FellipeOficiai)

2012.10.22 UCI accept Armstrong sanctions: Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles after the s...

Oscar-Winner Already Has Finished Film on Lance Armstrong's Fall
24.08.2012 [Wall Street Journal (blog)] - The sports world is reacting to the news that Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has decided to give up fighting doping charges against him; Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney is ahead of the curve because he already has a finished version of a

Twitter Posts: Brandon Rutledge (Real_Rutledge)

2012.10.22 So did Lance Armstrong cheat I want the truth

Twitter Posts: Michael Ardhi FCIM (MichaelArdhi29)

2012.10.22 Sakne :(( "@detiksport: Resmi, 7 Gelar Juara Tour de France Lance Armstrong Dicabut"

Twitter Posts: Thomas Godfrey (TC_Godfrey)

2012.10.22 RT @LukeSpain92: RT @LukeSpain92: Lance Armstrong finally stripped of his 7 Titles #LiveWrong

Twitter Posts: Bob Fasbender (bobfasbender)

2012.10.22 RT @BorowitzReport: RT @BorowitzReport: By far, Lance Armstrong's darkest legacy will be that he convinced millions of men it was okay to wear bike shorts.

Twitter Posts: Sylvain Million (syl2084)

2012.10.22 RT @lequipe: RT @lequipe: Lance Armstrong perd ses 7 Tours de France et est suspendu à vie ! #cyclisme

Twitter Posts: Carlos Vallee (CarlosValleejr)

2012.10.22 Confirmada ya la perdida de los 7 Tours de Francia de Lance Armstrong pir "dopaje" y es suspendido de por vida

Twitter Posts: Genevieve Boisclair (annmeli2)

2012.10.22 RT @InfosOutaouais: RT @InfosOutaouais: En plus de perdre ses titres du Tour de France, Lance Armstrong est suspendu à vie par l'UCI.

Twitter Posts: Harvey Wallbanger (Slashwaterboy)

2012.10.22 I could giva shyt bout Lance Armstrong doping.... if it weren't for him... who'd care bout cycling at all? Who cares NOW?

Twitter Posts: Matt Michaud (matt_michaud7)

2012.10.22 Lance Armstrong. #DopeStrong

Twitter Posts: María Mira Navarro (MariaTemira)


Twitter Posts: Colin Schoen (colinhockey)

2012.10.22 RT @SportsCenter: RT @SportsCenter: Lance Armstrong stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles (1999-2005), banned for life by UCI »

Twitter Posts: Ian Court (iancourtracing)

2012.10.22 Lance Armstrong paid the UCI to help fight doping. UCI failed to discover doping despite testing Armstrong 400+ times. He deserves a refund!

Twitter Posts: Brandon Talbot (BrandonTalbort)

2012.10.22 Dear Lance Armstrong, please meet Pete Rose... Unfortunate news #scapegoat

Twitter Posts: Narcís Mir (narcismir)

2012.10.22 Si a Lance Armstrong li retiren els tours per fer "trampes", quantes lligues hauríen de treure al Reial Madrid?

Twitter Posts: David Priestley (dappavito)

2012.10.22 RT @theafloffseason: RT @theafloffseason: Is Lance Armstrong a modern day Robin Hood? Has done some bad things, but the good he does in return for those in n ...

Google Groups: Lance Armstrong hates Plano Texas

25.07.2004: "If they held a Lance Armstrong Day, he'd probably boycott it," said Jack English

KQEDScience • Which Drugs Is Lance Armstrong Accused of...
Which Drugs Is Lance Armstrong Accused of Taking? Here’s a rundown of the banned substances that Armstrong allegedly used to fuel his historic seven Tour de...

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