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2009 US Hang Gliding Nationals - Big Spring - Air Sports Net
Larry Bunner take first followed by Glenn Volk and Jeff O’Brien in this 85 mile task. Task 1 August 09, Derreck Turner was first to goal in this 102 mile task. He out flew two members of the USA World Hang Gliding Team, Jeff O’Brien in second followed by Zac Majors. Task 1 results are located here.

Wills Wing T2C pilots shatter US Records | Cross Country ...
Oct 23, · Larry Bunner, Owen Morse and Terry Presley have flown their Wills Wing T2C hang gliders into the record books this summer. Larry Bunner flew his T2C 197 miles in Pennsylvania on 7 July, setting a site, state, and regional record. He flew without retrieve and relied on …

Former Akron Fire Chief Larry Bunner to serve as interim World News
AKRON, Ohio – Former Chief Larry Bunner will serve as interim leader of the Akron Fire Department until the city selects a permanent chief.

Former Akron Fire Chief Larry Bunner News
Latest Former Akron Fire Chief Larry Bunner News from top sources, including
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