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You Had One Job to Do: Sports Edition

[Bleacher Report] Leon Lett, NFL. The One Job: Do nothing. Oh, Leon. Having been stripped while running for a touchdown in the previous year's Super Bowl, Leon Lett once again shocked the world with his bewilderment. In the waning moments of the Thanksgiving

27. Leon Lett fumble in Super Bowl XXVII - NFL Videos

In Super Bowl XXVII Leon Lett thought he had a sure touchdown, but the swift-footed Don Beebe caught up to him and caused a fumble at the one-yard line to get...

Colts' fake punt among NFL's dumbest plays - Business Insider

The Colts' attempt to fool the Patriots with a fake punt Sunday night only made Indianapolis look foolish.

Don Beebe reflects on Leon Lett and the 20th anniversary of 'The...

The former receiver for the Bills and Packers reflects on a NFL record six Super Bowl appearances and the single play that defined his career.