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LISA DAIDONE, VICTIM`S EX-GIRLFRIEND: I did say that in the e-mail. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You felt that it was a way for him to let out ...

Lisa Daidone - Charlotte › lake-norman-mooresville › article
Author, artist, poet and teacher Gilda Morina Syverson has exhibited her art all over the world, and her writing has been published in the United ...

Jodi Arias sobs as prosecutor shows image of victim's slit throat -...
A prosecutor in the trial of a woman charged with killing her ex-boyfriend shocked the Arizona courtroom when he held up a photo of the victim's slashed throat.

Jodi Arias Trial Shocked Into Tears by Photo of ABC › story
In the moments before the incident, Martinez was questioning Lisa Daidone, who dated Alexander in after Alexander's break up with Arias ...
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