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Watch as 'haunted' doll Annabelle freaks out woman in her ...
Aug 14, — Natalie Mellon believes her antique toy, which she says is about 100 years old, is at the centre of spooky goings on including doors opening ... › ... › The supernatural

Huge reaction to creepy doll wreaking havoc in Ballinamuck
Aug 23, — Natalie Mellon with her doll, Annabelle, who has been causing trouble ... Natalie Mellon, who has a doll you certainly won't want to meet. › news › huge-reaction-t...

Northern seniors found success on and off the field
Jun 3, — ... Rex Fleming and Taylor Tolson were selected as senior athletes of the year, Natalie Mellon and Bryce Howard were chosen for the Marine ... › sports › high_school › nort...

“강아지가 '이 인형'만 보면 뒷걸음질 치며 마구 짖어요” (영상)
Aug 16, — 스코틀랜드 글래스고(Glasgow) 지역에 사는 나탈리 멜론(Natalie Mellon, 33)은 1년 전 단짝친구에게 여자아이를 닮은 인형을 선물 받았다. › news
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