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[Grant Tribune Sentinel] Don and Kay Softley, Jess and Turzah Michael. Four inch shell: Jerry and Gloria Styskal, Katy Miyamoto, Jene Tickle, Bev Kries, Linda Morris, Gladys Tharp, Patricia Stever, C.L. and W.L. Epperson, Mike and Rita Long. Three inch shell: Anonymous

Board hears concerns about water proposal
Board hears concerns about water proposal

News & Views - August/September 1999, Page 2
Kerry Priest, Kansas State University. Jared Schaffner, University of Wisconsin, River Falls. Patricia Stever, Calif. Polytechnic State Univ., San Luis Obsipo ...

Norma R. Davis | Rome Daily Sentinel
Norma R. Davis, 89, of Silver Springs passed away October 11, Born in Lorraine, NY to Eva and Harold Kellogg, she came to this area 30 years ago from...
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