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Love Venus Fly Traps or Pitcher Plants? Create your own bog garden ...
[] - These plants grow natively in very poor soil in bogs and rely on nutrition gained by digesting insects. In the courtyard of the UNCC McMillan Greenhouse is the Bog Garden, a space dedicated to growing plants that are only grown in bogs. ...

Area gardens help test plants for Organic Gardening Magazine |...
Organic Gardening Magazine’s test garden in Charlotte boasted some tasty vegetables this year, but summer flowers stole the show.

OL Zimmerberg - Aktuell
Obwohl keine der beiden Richterswilerinnen dem Nationalkader angehört, schafften Lilly und Paula Gross die harte Selektion für die Junioren-Weltmeisterschaft ...

Gardening Books - Holiday Roundup - The New York Times
Books by writers who farm and gardeners who write.
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