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In China, new first lady's role remains to be seen
07.11.2012 [Globe and Mail] - But many Chinese knew him first as the husband of Peng Liyuan. Ms. Peng will be in the background this week as her husband prepares to take over as secretary general of the Communist Party, the most powerful post in the country and the last step before

Man with the world at his feet
29.10.2012 [The Canberra Times] - Yet for years, Xi was less well-known than his wife, Peng Liyuan, a glamorous folk singer and one of China's most popular performers. And even today, after more than 10 years in senior party positions and five years as a member of the ruling Politburo

China's Glamorous First Lady Peng Liyuan Saving the Communist ...
As China's new president takes power, his glamorous wife is singing her way to center stage—and saving the Communist Party in the process.

China's next first lady: a folk singer who threatens to shake up...
One prominent figure missing from the crucial 18th Communist Party congress, which continues this week, is China's first lady-in-waiting.