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Google News: Torture: America's policy, Europe's shame

[Australia.TO] even though their crimes were committed under a system that was organised in and controlled from the topmost echelons of power in the White House, the CIA and the Pentagon (see Philip Gourevitch & Errol Morris, The Ballad of Abu Ghraib [Penguin, ...

Google News: Jag vill bara upplysa er om Philip Gourevitch

[Norrköpings Tidningar] - Det finns färskare litteratur om Rwanda - till exempel Jean Hatzfelds Antilopens list - men Philip Gourevitch är en mycket, mycket läsvärd reporter. Här ska kommentarerna till forumet komma in via ajax, fungerar inte detta så har du en gammal ...

Google News: Procedimientos afines

[El Espectador (Colombia)] - El libro de Philip Gourevitch y Errol Morris, traducido al español como La balada de Abu Ghraib, se encarga de describir la lógica que fue llevando a los abusos, los procesos personales de cada uno de los protagonistas, el paso a paso de la negligencia ...

The Value in Showing the Photos of Torture
[New York Times] - Philip Gourevitch writes that the suppressed prisoner abuse photos wouldn't tell us anything we don't already know. He is wrong. Recently released legal memos elucidate the Bush administration's torture policies, but as long as the photos are being ...
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